To complement our beautiful Dunedin Manuka honey, we work with a number of Otago beekeepers who help us source other amazing NZ native honeys. In addition we work closely with many other Food & Beverage suppliers looking to export their amazing products overseas.


Our portfolio also includes nonfood products that fit well with our approach to service and quality, such as essential oils and cosmetics.


Through our network of Otago beekeepers network, we have the ability to source bulk honey such as 330kg drums. Always keeping track of honey quality is our top priority so we provide analysis (HMF, humidity, pollen count, NPA test…) obtained in New Zealand, then again in France so we can ensure that the sea freight didn't alter the quality of the product.


Here is a list of honey products we can supply from New Zealand:

  • Classic Manuka Goodness
    • Gourmet Manuka Honey (330kg drum)
    • Manuka Honey NPA 5+ (330kg drum)
    • Manuka Honey NPA 10+ (330kg drum)
  • NZ Native Flowers Honeys
    • Kamahi Honey (330kg drum)
    • Rata Honey (330kg drum)
    • Rewarewa Honey (330kg drum)
  • NZ Pure Sweetness
    • Beech Honeydew (330kg drum)
    • Thyme Honey (330kg drum)
    • Clover Honey (330kg drum)

Essential Oils

We are particularly proud to present you Paul Greaves from Estate Aromatics, manufacturer of high quality and high-purity Manuka & Kanuka Essential Oils, which we have now made available in France.


Paul is our "Essential Oil Madmax". He built his own mobile distillery by himself with the finest vacuum technology (learn more here). The point is to ensure that raw materials do not lose any of their beneficial properties, thanks to low heating (below 100°C) done at a proper atmosphere. The process of making oil starts by collecting raw materials in specific locations (leaves, pine needles, flowers…), trimming and putting all the material in tanks (about 400kg for 1L of oil). Then the vacuum distillation process is ready to go (times vary greatly between Thyme and Manuka for example).

  • Paul then packages his oil in 5 or 10ml bottles and they are ready for export
    • Manuka, Kanuka, Thyme, Ponderosa Pine, Douglas Fir, Monterey Cypress...

NZ Food & Beverages

NZ Ngauranga Ltd identifies trade partners in New Zealand and helps develop a strategy for establishing a reliable supply chain. The company assists in obtaining all necessary documentation and licensing for exporting goods from New Zealand to Europe or Asia, including importation documentation. We also arrange for storage and consolidation when required.

NZ Food and Beverage sourcing and export Manuka honey