NZ Ngauranga Ltd

Originally founded in 1992 near Wellington, NZ Ngauranga Ltd is now based in the Dunedin CBD at Otago House and has 4 main goals:

NZ Ngauranga Ltd beehives located in Dunedin

Producing exceptional Manuka Honey in Dunedin

Every year, our beehives, which are located in various areas around the city of Dunedin, make some of the most exquisite, locally made genuine Manuka Honey.

NZ Ngauranga Ltd has a sourcing ability

Sourcing NZ Food & Beverage Products

NZ Ngauranga Ltd identifies trade partners in New Zealand and helps develop a strategy for establishing a reliable supply chain.

NZ Ngauraga Ltd exports goods to overseas markets

Exporting Goods to Overseas Markets

We assist in obtaining all necessary documentation and licensing for moving goods from New Zealand to overseas markets.

Helping local producers access overseas market

Helping local producers access overseas markets

Local producers seeking to establish sales channels into the European Food and Beverage
markets can benefit from our expertise, experience and people on the ground.

Puri Manuka Honey in Manuka tree
Puri Manuka Honey in Manuka tree

Puri Manuka Honey

Collected from the peninsula hills around Dunedin, Puri Manuka Honey is 100% locally made, iconic NZ honey. Puri Manuka Honey has been tested at 40+ mg of MGO/kg or greater and it's had nothing added, leaving pure Manuka goodness for you to enjoy. Try it now!

Office Location - Otago House, Dunedin, New Zealand

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NZ Ngauranga Ltd outdoor moray place dunedin otago New Zealand
NZNG @ Otago House