Our Brand

Puri Manuka Honey

Made in Dunedin, NZ

In the South of the South island of New Zealand lies Dunedin, a former Scottish settlement. Surrounded by beautiful rolling green hills covered by Manuka and Kanuka trees, this is our perfect beekeeping location. We are a honey family of about a million bees living in our humble beehives.


Applying the philosophy of the bee

As an enthusiastic team of Dunedin beekeepers, we operate beehives in the Dunedin area to bring you a New Zealand classic, non blended and nothing added. Just pure honey. Our bees enjoy favorable micro climates around the region and have access to the city's hinterland.

Puri is a Maori word meaning

"to keep in memory"

Now available!

Slightly antibacterial and tested at 40+ MGO, it has nothing added nor removed, just pure Manuka goodness for you to enjoy. Discover the most iconic New Zealand honey now available at:

Puri Manuka Honey - on a New Zealand adventure